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Interactive Murder Mystery Shows: Resolution

After the clue sheets are collected, or a voice or raised hand vote taken as to the identity of the killer, a resolution scene is then enacted in which the killer is revealed and brought to justice. Keep your resolution short... by this time, with the meal over, you don’t want to keep dragging things out. As the saying goes, always leave ‘em wanting more.

Then, finally, prizes may be awarded to those who have correctly solved the crime. If more than one person has correctly solved the mystery and you are only offering one prize, a tie-breaker question may be asked, a random drawing instituted, or a winner chosen on the basis of neatness of clue sheet or most correct answer as to motive.

Whoever announces the winner must be prepared to explain the clues given out and the criteria upon which the winner was chosen so as to mollify any sore losers who may wish to argue the point.

And, last but uppermost, accept the audience's applause for a job well done. You've earned it.

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