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Murder Mystery Dinners are environmental theater, where the show begins as soon as the audience enters the dining room/acting space. An actor may welcome them to -- not a mystery -- but Uncle Ned's birthday banquet, or a re-election rally for a duplicitous Senator.

As the meal wears on the show continues as an organic part of the event. Between courses, arguments are overheard between the characters as they enter and pass through naturally. Statements are made to all these nice "friends" out in the audience, revealing murderous thoughts.

Finally, someone is murdered. A detective may or may not be used to direct the questioning but, somehow, clues are revealed. Then the audience is asked to help solve the mystery, and the killer revealed.

This format has proven successful in mystery restaurants across the country, and in shows in which this author has appeared with the On The Edge Improvisational Theatre in restaurants, public and private parties, schools, cruise ships, and shows on four different railroad’s dinner trains.

Any banquet space can become your stage, and, with a few actors, costumes, and props -- but without the extensive sets and technical requirements of traditional theater -- you'll have all you need to produce a simple and inexpensive, yet highly entertaining and effective show, party, banquet, convention, or fund raiser for your school, church, other organization, or theater group.

Let's go make a killing, shall we?

We'll begin by looking around, at our setting.

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